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11 university hacks as a fresh joiner student you should know.

University is a place to learn, explore, discover, and gain new knowledge. The difficulties and obstacles that come with academic life, however, might add a little complexity to daily living.

Our list of ten life hacks can help you lead a more pleasant and manageable daily life. These will support you in thriving while you complete your degree and get ready for the future.

As a newcomer to the university, it will be a great transition for you from school to college. Definitely, it will be a challenge to face the new environment as well as new people. Someone will be a little exhausted to face this new environment.

But don’t worry you are grown, and you are mentally prepared to cope with those things. In the beginning, you may feel some difficulties due to a lack of friends, staying away from your home, not being aware of budgeting, food etc. Eventually, you will get into something that is exactly what you should be doing!

You should put yourself out there in university when meeting new friends in your class and in society. Going up and starting a conversation with people isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but if you think you can do it then surely you can. You might know university is a whole different world from what you are previously used to.

University life hacks

Therefore, you need to be a bit open-minded and take every opportunity for you to move with that. As you know, college can be challenging, but these easy, inexpensive university hacks should help streamline your college life to the next level.

11 Best Hacks to Kick Start your College/ University Life:

There is a myth that the first year does not count in your grade. First-year counts, when you are doing a placement at the end of your degree. Therefore, when you are preparing a CV and filling in application forms, companies ask for your first-year grade.

Even if you are not thinking of placements, consider the first year as a practice year and don’t neglect lectures. Therefore, you need to take it into your concern as it will help you in the years that do count to your final degree.

Keep reading, you will get to learn more useful university hacks for students to pursue confidently.

1. Join a Society:

In every university, there is a basic group of society/association/students group for Dance, music, Chess, Sports and other activities. Join any one of the societies to explore your extra-curricular activities. It will make you feel good and make many new friends. You will get a chance to explore more apart from your studies. It is named as freshers fair.

University hacks

2. Keep Limitations on Freshers Week

Due to excitement, college students spend all their money on freshers week. Yes, they get to make many new friends, if they will spend more money. But keep in mind that friendship is not worth it at all. One should make friends but in a good way. Spend a limited amount on these fun activities and keep focusing on your goal.

3. Catch your Family Daily

In the first few weeks, you may feel alone due to homesickness and lack of friends. The only solution to get rid of this feeling is to talk with your family. Having a feeling that someone is there for you in all your steps will make you move forward to continue your studies confidently.

4. Second-hand books:

If you can’t afford books, it is better to buy a second handbook. There are some bookstores and online stores available to find the cheapest second-hand books. Or find your senior students to ask for help to borrow books. Someone gives you free and someone asks you to return after your exams. College professors/ advisors usually recommend the newest editions of textbooks, but that doesn’t mean that an older edition doesn’t work at all. It also works, once you try to avoid unnecessary investment in buying books.

5. Use Freebies & maintain a Budget:

Most of the college students get some perks such as scholarships, free bags, stationery etc. Use it effectively. Particularly, free internet and library facilities in your college will help you. Budgeting will be a slightly tricky one as it depends on your individual finances and your student loan. Note down your monthly budgets and prepare an estimate of how much you can afford to spend per week.

University hacks

6. Build your Extracurricular Activities:

In addition to your studies, it is important to grow additional skills like dance, music, MC, Event coordinator etc. If you are interested, participate in competitions related to your interest. There will be seminars, workshops, mini projects, labs etc, to enhance your exposure.

7. Don’t Build More Tasks Incomplete:

Do not leave all the tasks till the night before. Many college students have a habit of keeping all the work pending and rushing to complete it in the end. Try and keep finishing up with all your work. Though, University gives you enough time to be working on your tasks little by little. But you will make it a burden till the night before. If you are revising for an exam, then plan ahead to avoid last minute rush.

8. Store your Documents Online:

Be clever and try to save all your documents including important papers, power points, university work, and projects in online services like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive or google docs. These are free services that are included with a Gmail account, or an Outlook account and they save your lives too. You can also edit your stuff from anywhere, so you won’t need to bring a flash drive to college. Just get in the habit of editing and saving all your documents on one of these sites to make your chores easy. Or else go for iPad notes for those who love typing. Make organized notes, to make it pleasant while studying.

9. Pay Attention to Events Calendar:

It is a list of events that will be conducted in your college. Based on that events calendar publicized in your college, plan your schedule to attend these events.

10. Utilize Class Hours:

Don’t miss your lectures, it makes it so easy to miss another and maybe it will continue on. Missing class/ lectures will break the chain and you will be confused in the next class. That's what is happening. Unless or until you have an unavoided situation to miss the class.

11. Have Fun:

This is the first thing we have to say to beginners who are going to university. Have fun in essence and enjoy all those things in your college to just have fun. You have so much free time so you should just cover most of the time. You will meet some of the best people from all other countries at university so spend time with them. If you don’t turn up and try to have fun, then you’re not going to enjoy it.

You'll be successful with certain university hacks but not others. It's okay though. You get to pick your own tactics. You'll discover what works best as you go along. Just remember that you can always receive additional instruction. Additionally, you are not required to continue on a route that you no longer find enjoyable.

For those who just joined or planning to enroll in university, these hacks will help you. We are always here with regular updates related to education. Stay tuned to get more.

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