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7 best books that a student must read to improve one's life.

Are you in a craze of reading books? Read this blog to get suggestions about choosing the best books that a student must read to improve in life.

Reading a book is a good habit that every student has to utilize in their free time. Reading improves the memory and cognitive ability of the students. Along with that, students who have the habit of reading will be well versed in vocabulary, language skills, and social and emotional skills.

But sadly, students are losing interest in reading due to the influence of electronic gadgets and social media. So, updating our old reading habits for the sake of our younger generation can help us to bring them to read books. It is nothing but online reading. The best example of these online reading is kindle, e-book etc.

There are seven ultimate books that you must study in your lifetime to enhance your knowledge as a student. A detailed description of the seven books is given here:

7 best books that a student must read:

1. How to Win Friends & Influence People:

Communication is very important for students. The students who attain the teenage period will become very shy and hesitate to mingle with other people. If you are a teenager or school goer or college student facing this communication problem, you are invited to read this book. Because, understanding how to connect with other people is one of the greatest lessons you can learn in your life.

This book will teach you about relationships, and meaningful conversations with people and winning people’s minds. This particular book was published in 1936 by Dale Carnegie. Even though it was a very old book, the principles still remain relevant today. The book says the following:

  • Have a great wish for learning and applying to communicate freely and building good relationships.

  • Before moving on to the following chapter, read each one twice.

  • Underline important ideas

  • Reading a book every month.

  • personal possibilities for applying every principle.

  • Practice the principles

  • Transform the book into a fun game

Important books

2. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People:

This book was written by Stephen R. Covey. He targets the Americans who need higher productivity in business. In addition to that, this book concentrates on how habits are developed and what types of habits are needed to be highly productive. He clearly explains about 7 habits in 4 parts that make one effective and efficient. The seven habits are listed below,

  • Proactive

  • Begin with the end in the mind

  • Put first things first

  • Think win-win

  • Seek first to understand then be understood

  • Synergize

  • Sharpen the saw

important books for students

3. Rich Dad Poor Dad:

This book is all about handling money and it was written by Robert Kiyosaki. In our traditional learning system, we have not explored the areas of financial education. This book shares information about two fathers, one is rich, and another one is poor. One can earn well and leave an inheritance for his kids. And the poor dad struggled to earn money his whole life. It has six fundamental lessons about money that everybody should know. If you read this book, you will feel a transformation in handling money for the rest of your life.

Important books for student

4. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari:

This book is narrated by Robin Sharma and clearly insists what life is and is one of the finest books for students to read. The seven virtues of enlightened learning, which were discovered in the Himalayas, form the book's core.

  • Develop your mind.

  • Stick to your goals

  • Apply Kaizen

  • Respect Your Time

  • Serve Others Selflessly

  • Accept the here and now

important book for students

5. The Alchemist:

This book was written by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho in 1988.It was first written in Portuguese and eventually translated into 70 other languages. The main objective of this book is to find one’s destiny or purpose in life. It is an international bestseller book with 167 pages. The story of the book is about a Shepherd boy named Santiago from Spain. In his everyday dream, he keeps getting the same dream about treasures that are lying in the Pyramids of Egypt.

important books for students

6. Think & Grow Rich:

It was written by Napoleon Hill. He instructed me in the book about my own journey to discover myself and achieve success in my life. If you are determined to achieve your dream, this book will show you the right direction. It has 13 chapters including self-help and success. The contents provided in the book are very easy to understand even for normal people.

important books for students

7. The Last Lecture:

It is one of the best books for students. It was written by Professor Randy Pausch and this is his last book, after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Maybe, it is the reason behind the name of the book. This book is based on the iconic lecture explained clearly about “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”.

By reading the book, every student can get a clear idea about the challenges of students in their childhood dreams, biggest hope and desire. He forcibly insists that each student undergo their life as per their desire, not under the constraints of society.

important books for students

Benefits of Book Reading:

Book reading is not only recommended for students, it is also applicable for elders. Through this book-reading habit you will get the following benefits:

  • Reading strengthens your brain

  • Increase your ability to empathize

  • Builds your vocabulary

  • Helps prevent age-related cognitive decline

  • Reduces stress

  • Prepares you for a good night’s rest

  • Helps alleviate depression symptoms

  • May even help you live longer

How to Improve your Reading Skill:

There are certain factors in our home or surroundings that will resist students from reading a book. First, we have to declutter all those things to improve our reading ability. We have noted a few points here in order to enhance your reading skills.

  • Create A Reading Space

  • Let Them Read as Per Their Interest

  • Take Trips to Library

  • Find Reading Moments in Everyday Life

  • Surround Students with Books

  • Set An Example to read

  • Find books based on their interest

Therefore, reading 50 books a year is not necessary; instead, take baby steps, since it is said that a great journey begins with a single step. The aforementioned must-read titles are a wonderful place to start because they'll grab your interest and get you in the habit of reading and are also the best books that a student must read.

We are sure that these seven books for students will change your life and will develop your habit of reading. Read it in your free time and give your comments here. We are always welcomed to receive your comments. Thanks for reading!

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