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9 best yoga and meditation centers in Assam That'll make your life better

Today's lifestyle is full of unhealthy practices, and the consumption of junk on a daily basis leads to lives nowhere hence knocking on the doors of doctors and hospitals more often.

The current way of life tempts one with a wealth of inconveniences. The penalty for making our lives easier and more pleasant, the payment comes in the form of obesity, hypertension, cardiac issues, and many other diseases.

Despite being fortunate to have state-of-the-art medical facilities, we nonetheless lead a hectic, unhealthy, and unstable life.

Yoga and its Benefits

Yoga and meditation centers in Assam

Yoga and meditation are the best practices for living. It can improve our quality of life and bring us physical, mental, and spiritual serenity in such a trying condition. The value of Yoga in contemporary life is immeasurable. We learn how to live a healthy lifestyle through Yoga. It increases our stamina, imagination, and memory power. Practicing Yoga improves bodily awareness, reduces chronic stress patterns, relaxes the mind, enhances flexibility, centers attention, sharpens concentration, etc.

Yoga can be an effective way to stop stress ensuring emotional stability and calming our attentive minds.

Another benefit in the increasingly hectic modern world is that it strengthens our muscles, increases our stamina, and boosts our immune and mental health. Your coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility will improve as soon as you start exercising consistently.

Regular yoga practices encourage one to develop body awareness and increase their physical and mental efficiency. You can get results even if you perform it intermittently for only 15 to 20 minutes per day for about a month.

Meditation Centers In Assam

There are many yoga and meditation centers across the globe, and everyone enthusiastically becomes a part of these institutions. Read about the nine best yoga and meditation centers in Assam:

The Art of Living provides many useful educational and self-development tools and activities that make it easier to reduce stress. All people benefit from having deep and profound inner peace, happiness, and well-being thanks to these techniques by this wellness center. These programs, which incorporate breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, and other healthy advice for everyday life, have assisted millions of people all over the world in entirely changing their lives.

Yoga and meditation centers in Assam

A global spiritual organization called Brahma Kumaris is committed to both individual and global rejuvenation. Brahma Kumari is a worldwide NGO founded in 1937 in India, and spread to over 110 nations on all continents and made a significant effect. However, their dedication is to assist people in shifting from a materialistic to a spiritual viewpoint of the world. It encourages the development of a profoundly shared awareness of peace and the inherent worth of every human being. There are various centers of Brahmakumari in Assam. They also conduct various workshops and interactive sessions.

Yoga and meditation centers in Assam

One of the oldest forms of meditation is called vipassana, which translates to 'view things as they actually are'. It was taught in India more than 2500 years ago as an Art of Living, or a universal cure for all ailments. In ten-day residential courses, participants learn the fundamentals of the Vipassana Meditation technique and practice it to the point where they can benefit from it. There is no fees associated with the classes, not even to defray the cost of lodging and meals.

Heartfulness is a straightforward and nuanced meditation technique that helps everyone access the light and love that reside within everyone’s heart. They provide the globe with daily exercise that awakens their potential for a simple, joyous existence through their network of thousands of worldwide heart spots and one smartphone app that is free of charge.

The first global chain of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy facilities, Vivekananda Health Global is dedicated to promoting the unification of the Indian system of healing. Due to their effectiveness in preventing and treating non-communicable diseases, which are increasing disproportionately, Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy have been attracting attention on a global scale. They developed centers with the functional integration of multiple medical systems using an evidence-based approach, and this experience served as the basis for the development of Vivekananda Health Global.

Yoga and meditation centers in Assam

The Maharishi Transcendental Meditation and Yoga Center are among the best yoga studios in Guwahati. They offer the very best services. In Guwahati, this yoga studio is well-known. The staff at this yoga studio are well-trained, kind, and committed to their jobs. Students learn to operate from a place of the center through their distinctive program, it is split between theory and practice. They discover how to bring quiet, self-awareness, and presence into everyday life. This has established the basis for academic achievement and equips pupils for every aspect of their future. Their aim is to assist their pupils in becoming the best versions of themselves, and this process begins with self-awareness.

7. Purvanchal Vihangam Yoga Prachar Kendra

A pioneer in yoga and advanced meditation instruction, the Vihangam Yoga Organization works to improve all facets of human life. Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj founded the organization in 1924 after learning this great meditation method after 17 years of rigorous practice. Vihangam Yoga is renowned for its extraordinarily potent meditation practice. It has quickly unlocked the practitioner's hidden potential in a shorter time period. The initial stage of this practice is to improve a number of crucial areas of life, including focus and the instant release of tension, anxiety, anger, and addictions.

8. The Yoga Studio

The principle of discovering The yoga studio is that yoga should be available to everyone. They try to make sure that each class is small enough so that each student may receive the time and space, and their qualified instructors deliver instruction. For practitioners of all levels wishing to establish a strong foundation or advance their practice. The Yoga Studio provides a comprehensive selection of programs and workshops.

Yoga and meditation centers in Assam
The Yoga Studio, Guwahati

9. North East Yoga and Meditation Center

One of the top yoga-practicing institutions in the entire northeast is NEYMC. It is a school run by capable instructors in a calm environment. Its mission is to build a better society to live in. Their motto is Quality Training for Healthy Living.

Everything we do in life involves the use of our minds, bodies, emotions, and energies. We can only function in this world with these four factors.

So, wouldn't it be better if we increased the potential of these four tools? People try to improve their lifestyles by purchasing new cars, homes, and smartphones. However, life is not a way of living; it is a state of being. You can choose to stay healthy by visiting here, we are happy to help you to maintain your fitness goals.

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