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9 reasons of why every student must have LinkedIn account

Are you on LinkedIn? NO!? Then what are you waiting for? Go and make your account NOW!!!

Students worry about having enough money for tuition, deciding on a major, finding time to study, and passing midterms and finals while they are in college. They most likely have no interest in creating a LinkedIn profile. It shouldn't be like that though! They have access to a powerful tool in LinkedIn that can help them launch their careers.

With so many other recent grads vying for the same positions, it can be quite difficult to stand out in the employment market. Perhaps the solution is LinkedIn.

It's crucial to keep in mind that LinkedIn represents you professionally to the business world. It's not like YouTube or Facebook. Don't be silly, don't say improper things, and don't share silly photographs. Put forth your best effort. You are developing your own personal brand, and this is your pitch to potential employers as well as the general public.

linkedin benefits

Reasons for which every student must have a linkedin Account:

With that in mind, here are 9 reasons for why every student must have a LinkedIn account:

1. Create a network of professionals:

It's never too early to begin creating a network with others in your field of expertise. Connect with your major-related peers first. While they are currently students and pals, they will later serve as business recommendations. Request recommendations from academics who are members of LinkedIn. Linking with professors makes sure you'll stay in touch with them after you graduate. This might prove useful.

2. Interview preparation:

Review the profile of the interviewer before any interviews for jobs or internships. Having this background information will make you look more impressive to the interviewer.

3. Take a look at career options:

Locate individuals who are already working in the profession you want to pursue on LinkedIn. For more information on what they did to succeed, look at their profiles. Check to see if you can apply anything to your career path that they have.

4. Inform others about your updates:

Your network is automatically updated whenever you make changes to your LinkedIn profile or experiences. It's not necessary to email each person separately. The fact that they are made aware of you thanks to this automatic notification is a pleasant bonus. When people learn about employment opportunities that match your qualifications, they will think of you.

5. Engage in debate about fresh concepts:

By engaging in debate, you can learn more and discover new opportunities. It may open your eyes to other professions and career choices that you hadn't previously thought about. Additionally, you can interact with like-minded people by participating in pertinent groups and debates.

By contributing frequently to LinkedIn groups and providing answers to queries, you have a

fantastic opportunity to enhance your profile and trustworthiness. A fantastic way to learn the lingo used in the field is through groups.

6. Enhance your resume:

One-page resumes are frequently preferred by employers. There isn't much room for information in there. More detailed information can be found on your LinkedIn account than can ever be contained in a brief resume. Place the URL to your LinkedIn profile on your resume (and business cards). Then, prospective employers can access LinkedIn to learn more about you.

7. Receive endorsements and recommendations:

Additionally, LinkedIn has a tool that allows you to request recommendations from others. Obtain recommendations from your instructors and fellow students. You can always ask them to specifically describe traits and areas of knowledge that assist your professional objectives. People who have the most recommendations are more likely to catch the employers' notice. Improve your employability now.

8. Letting companies find you:

Many organizations use social networking sites to find talented candidates. You are more likely to catch an employer's eye if you have a strong, comprehensive professional profile. By checking the appropriate box in your preferences, you can also let potential employers know that you are looking for opportunities. Isn't it lovely to have your head hunted?

9. Look for jobs

Last but not least, use LinkedIn to assist you in finding employment. The jobs link displays jobs that are appropriate for your profile when you click on it. You can look for more job openings as well. While having access to jobs posted on

linkedin benefits

LinkedIn is fantastic, this professional network also includes a special function that is not offered on other job search engines. LinkedIn lets you know how many individuals in your network or group are employed by the business. They can assist you in obtaining the position in which you are interested. The unemployment rate is high in the current economic climate. For a single job position, there are frequently hundreds of applicants. You will be one step ahead of your competitors if you apply these 9 LinkedIn strategies. Having a LinkedIn account will help you get the job of your dreams more quickly.

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