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Do you think coding as a necessary skill in the modern world?

Have you recently binge-watched a Netflix series? Have you warmed your frozen pizza in the microwave? Have you used Google Meet to communicate with a buddy who lives abroad? You code every day if you answered "yes" to each of the preceding questions. Your washer and dryer are probably also loaded with computer chips and lines of code to regulate cycle times and water temperatures. At work, at home, and even in the grocery store, programming is all around us. You unwittingly participate in programming every time you step outside your front door or even when you're inside.

Nowadays, most traffic lights are actually tiny computers, and computers also control the city's whole traffic networks. You cannot evade the code, not even in elevators, which rely on processing machines to guide them to the appropriate floors.

What exactly is coding?

Do computers understand the over 7,000 languages that people speak around the world? Not really. One must be able to speak in a language they understand in order to interact with a computer. These languages, which collectively are referred to as programming languages, number over 300.

Coding is the practice of expressing instructions in a language and format that a computer can comprehend. We can create software, websites, applications, video games, and much more when we give the computer instructions in a language it can understand.

One of the most in-demand skills and one of the highest-paying careers in the world in the twenty-first century is coding. Previously assumed to be the domain of computer nerds solely, knowing how to code is now either required or desirable for many career roles. Coding has advanced beyond an engineering education and is now a sought-after skill for kids in primary school, so why is it only used professionally?

Why Should Students Learn to Code?

There is no turning back now that technology has nearly taken over the entire planet. The youth of today will likely design and produce software that will play a crucial role in our daily lives in the near future. But how would that be feasible without a foundational understanding?

The fundamental skills needed to construct software applications and have a variety of job options include coding. There are a number of reasons why learning to code is important and why it should be introduced to students in school at a young age. Intellectual curiosity comes naturally to children. Because their foundations are stronger at an early age, it is also simpler to teach kids to think logically.

Parents can get their kids interested in coding at a young age by teaching them how to do it through games. Coding is one of the most fascinating things in the world. The earlier children begin learning to code, the greater their chances of success are.

Coding has advantages for kids in addition to the obvious career opportunities which are:

1. Ability to Solve Issues:

Children who learn to code are instructed to correct errors as they arise and to try things again in novel ways. Children who learn to code also develop the tenacity and problem-solving abilities necessary to succeed in life. This type of problem-solving mindset could be useful in many other fields.

2. Resilience:

Learning to code helps kids develop greater resiliency in the face of setbacks. They learn that failure isn't always a bad thing and that it's frequently beneficial because it teaches a lesson. Students can try and try again with coding until they succeed and achieve the desired result.

3. Creativity:

Students learn to code through a process that is primarily creative, starts out with nothing, and produces something. The first step to creative thinking is to ask questions. Children who are enthusiastic and creative can become the original thinkers of the next generation by learning to code.

Learning to code is undoubtedly a necessary life skill in the quickly changing world we live in, especially for the generation that our children represent. An adult who learned to code as a youngster will have an advantage in life because there will be many more employment options available in the future, regardless of the field they choose to work in, whether it be technology, finance, retail, health, or another. As a result, it has emerged as a crucial ability to master in the modern era.

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