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Hotel management- qualification, requisites, and career aspects

If you've ever wanted to work in the hotel management sector, you should be aware that there are a lot of interesting career options available. Successful hotel management requires a specific set of abilities in addition to managerial knowledge.

Our country's tourist and hospitality industries are expanding steadily, and along with them, so is the demand for hotels. India is a well-known tourist destination, therefore there are more opportunities for students to benefit from studying hotel management than in the past.

When it comes to choosing a straightforward graduation path after finishing their academic work, hotel management is one of the top choices among students. The demand for hotel management experts is always increasing along with the hotel sector. This need is expected to rise as India's tourist industry continues to grow, giving students studying this education a better chance of getting hired by reputable businesses.

What is Hotel Management?

Running a hotel entails a number of tasks. You must be able to adjust to new problems, support various departments, and make sure the hotel upholds an exceptional level. As a hotel manager, you will be in charge of managing and need to be well-versed in finances, planning, service, and administration.

Even while you collaborate with other managers, it's your responsibility as the hotel manager to lead rather than just follow. You must make sure your staff is managing their time and departments efficiently if you want to boost their monthly earnings or just ensure that guests' expectations are met.

You must be a strong leader with excellent teamwork abilities. You might have to deal with a lot more daily responsibilities at some hotels than you would at a more prominent location, depending on the size and style. Guests may also interact with you less, but you'll spend more time keeping an eye on the company through frequent meetings.

Hotel management

Career opportunities after completing the Hotel Management course:

The employment options in this field are numerous and varied. One might ensure a prosperous future by enrolling in any of India's universities for hotel management. The following are a few of the most sought-after job openings in hotel management:

1. An event coordinator or planner:

Yes, there is more to hotel management. In the past, the only way to work in hotel management was as a chef. Today's industry provides a wide range of employment options. Whether you want to pursue a national or international career, the course shows you the best path to take. You can therefore work for any event management team or company once you have earned your degree.

event planner

2. Hotel operations supervisor:

Operations, as the word implies, refers to the hotel's daily operations. The person in charge of all operations for various hotels' departments is known as the hotel operations manager. Candidates may take up positions as Managers or Supervisors reporting to the operations manager. As a result, the applicants may work in the food and beverage, housekeeping, guest services, security, health management, human resources, etc. departments.

3. A chef or sous-chef:

The kitchen is frequently under the Chef's direction. The executive chef, as he is referred to in the industry, is in command of the kitchen. After earning a degree in hotel management, individuals can choose from a variety of employment options. The phrase "sous chef" is another.

This position typically denotes the second chef, who is in charge of creating the menu, preparing various dishes, and managing the staff. The Sous chef must oversee the entire kitchen anytime the Executive Chef is not there.


4. Catering Manager:

The hospitality sector of the economy offers several chances in the area of catering. Students are taught the fundamentals of several roles in hotel administration, including catering, throughout the duration of their degree program. The training explains the entire procedure while providing both practical and theoretical information. As a result, the applicants are qualified to work as catering managers in hotels, clubs, airlines, resorts, restaurants, and other lodging facilities.

5. Accounting and Finance:

Each and every business structure depends on money. No one would have been able to function properly without finance. Finance also has a significant role to play in the hotel and hospitality industry. Personnel that is qualified and skilled are needed for this position. Candidates for the Hotel Management Course receive an understanding of the various aspects of hotel accounting. Students who choose to specialize in accounting might join the financial department.

accounting & finance

6. Entrepreneurship

Owning your own business is usually a difficult but rewarding choice. Once you've made the decision to pursue it, you must give your all to every task you embark on. All things considered, having your own business will be the one thing you love the most.

Candidates with leadership qualities can start their own resorts, banquet halls, hotels, restaurants, candy stores, and bakeries, among other businesses.

Isn't that a fantastic choice?

7. Tour Guide:

The practice of offering in-house tour guides has been embraced by several of the top hotels worldwide. These tour guides' duties as tour guides include transporting passengers to and from their destinations, as well as discussing the cultural value of the locations and giving an outline of historical connections.

tour guide

8. Opportunities for Government Jobs:

The hospitality division in some of the most prestigious government sectors, such as the Navy, Air Force, and Army, is open to recent hotel management graduates as well. The study of hotel administration enables students to develop all the necessary manners and character attributes.

9. Stewards:

A steward is someone who works to take care of the passengers on a ship, airplane, or train. Restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, clubs, banquet halls, railroads, resorts, and other establishments all employ people.

10. Chief Sommelier:

The person who manages the wine supply is known as a sommelier. In essence, he decides on the restaurant's wine selection and creates the wine menu. The professional head sommelier also pairs wine and cuisine. Sommeliers are desired by some of the best restaurants, and you can become one too.

The addition of the Hotel Management course has opened up a whole new universe of possibilities. Given how promising it is, one ought to consider a career in hotel management. Be a career explorer who considers job alternatives beyond the conventional ones in a time when everyone blindly follows the herd and chooses to enroll in mainstream courses.

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