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Learn about Ethical hacking and how to build your career as an Ethical Hacker in 2022

We all must be familiar with the term hacking due to the influence of the cinematic industry and social media.

Some of the malicious users perform hacking by unauthorized access from a system for financial and personal purposes. The professional who is responsible to find the vulnerabilities of cyber-attacks is meant by Ethical Hacker. Ethical hacking involves authorized hacking to identify unauthorized access to a computer system, application, and organization data.

It is also a kind of legal hacking, which is done by a legal hacker or white-hat hacker. The person who is doing ethical hacking will have taken permission from the organization under the intrusion of hackers. It is a high-paid job in Information Technology.

Moreover, the Ethical Hacking career is upgrading to a higher extent and more skilled professionals are in need now.

Ethical Hacking

Requirements for Ethical Hacking:

Though it is a high-paying and more confidential job, the skills required to grab the job are vast. Certification in Ethical Hacking, such as CEH, CPEN, etc., will be an added advantage to getting hired as an Ethical Hacker. One who is eager to start their career as Ethical Hacker must be adroit in the following skills.

  • Networking

  • Programming

  • Databases

  • Operating systems (UNIX/Linux and windows)

  • Fundamentals of IT

  • Scripting languages

  • Networking

  • Information Security

  • Search Engines and the Internet

In addition to the skills mentioned above, a good Ethical Hacker should learn some additional programming languages. Along with that, you must have an undergraduate degree in computer science to start your Ethical Hacking career.

  • HTML

  • JavaScript

  • SQL

  • Python

  • C/C++

Various Positions of Ethical Hacker:

Ethical hackers use their knowledge to protect the technology of organizations from illegal or black-hat hackers. They provide an essential service to these organizations by looking for digital technologies which seem to be unsafe. There are various positions available for Ethical Hackers based on their skills and experience, which are listed below.

  • Cyber Security Lead

  • Security Analyst

  • Information security analyst

  • Cyber security analyst

  • Security engineer

  • Penetration Tester

  • Information security manager

  • Cyber security engineer

Ethical hacking career

Ethical Hacker Future Scope:

As per the survey, there are 70,000 Ethical Hackers required immediately.

The basic pay of the White-Hat Hackers is ₹4.5 LPA. Gradually, you can earn up to ₹6.5 LPA after some more years of experience. Those with more than 5 years of job experience can anticipate a salary of about 12 LPA and the pay scale of a Certified Ethical Hacker ranges around US$88,000 per year.

In the current growing digital economy, the Ethical Hacking career is upgrading day by day. So every organization will require Ethical Hackers in huge numbers for the security of critical data and systems.

Recent statistics say that the IT industry has a lack of professionally skilled Ethical Hackers fighting against cyber-attacks. That is, only 32 percent of Ethical Hackers are currently available now.

Ethical Hacking Career in India:

If you want to start your Ethical Hacking career in India, then there are plenty of companies that hire Ethical Hackers to improve their security systems. The top companies including IBM, Wipro, Infosys, TCS, etc, are welcoming Ethical Hackers every year.

A huge number of Ethical Hacking career opportunities are available in government agencies such as defense organizations, the military, law enforcement agencies, investigative services, etc. private detective companies are also offering Ethical Hacking jobs these days.

Ethical hacking career

Certification and courses in Ethical Hacking:

Certification and courses in an Ethical Hacking career assist you to become a professional Ethical Hacker. Certification exams such as CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) help you analyze your knowledge of Ethical Hacking. Among the recruiters, the one who has cleared the CEH examination will be in high demand in the Cyber Security industry. There are a few more certifications available that will increase the chance to get hired in the Cyber Security industry, which are as follows,

  • Certified Ethical Hacking Certification

  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) Certification

  • CompTIA Security+

  • CCNA Security


  • Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)

  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

  • Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE)

  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

  • Certified Vulnerability Assessor (CVA)

  • Certified Professional Ethical Hacker (CPEN)

  • Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (CPTE)

  • Offensive Security Wireless Professional (OSWP)

Step-by-Step Procedure in Ethical Hacking Penetration Testing:

As we know, the responsibility of an Ethical Hacker is to protect the system from getting hacked. Injection attacks, broken authentication, security misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, Sensitive data exposure, etc., are some of the most common problems discovered by ethical hackers. There are some phases that every Ethical Hackers has to follow:

1. Reconnaissance: The first step is to gather knowledge about the organization’s network and servers.

2. Scanning: Then, scan the network of the organization to know about server and host uses.

3. Gaining access: The third step is to exploit the problems of the system.

4. Maintaining access: They Install some backdoors for future access.

5. Clearing tracks: Clearing all the log files relating to the attack of malicious users.

6. Reporting: Finally, prepare a report that explains everything about the hack.

Key Roles of Ethical Hacking

  • Ethical Hackers must find solutions for the corruption found in the system and stay legal. In essence, they should get proper approval before accessing the security assessment.

  • As said above, the work involves penetration testing on the network, web applications, and the system to identify the vulnerabilities.

  • He/ she should evaluate the performance of the system and identify various security corruptions.

  • Ethical Hackers should submit a final detailed report which includes the problems found in the system, tools, etc. Also, they should provide feedback for the same once the problem is resolved.

  • And it’s their responsibility to explain clearly the cyber-attack and how it affects the operations of the user.

  • To ensure security issues, Ethical Hackers should find almost all problems as much as possible in a limited time.

Ethical hacking career

It is obvious that the need for ethical hackers will only increase over the coming years. You too can join this growing industry and become a certified ethical hacker, helping to protect networks and data from cybercrime. You should start studying for the certification examinations and gaining experience in the industry. The easiest way to achieve this is to sign up for a respected hacking group, take part in online forums, and go to meetups.

Detailed information about the Ethical Hacking career is narrated above. Stay tuned to our website to get more updates about the latest careers.

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