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Learn these useful hacks to help you strengthen your vocabulary.

Over time, developing a strong vocabulary can help you convey your ideas more effectively, whether orally or in writing, resulting in clarity and the avoidance of misunderstandings.

There is no quick solution to learning vocabulary in a single day or in a limited time. It takes more time and practice, which are the key to building your strong vocabulary skills. A strong vocabulary can enhance your ability to express yourself and your confidence. Either you are giving a presentation or meeting with a client to deliver a proposal or sending mails.

In order to develop a strong foundation in vocabulary, use both general terms and industry-related vocabulary to develop a solid foundation. In addition, you can work effectively with another person in your office.

Words play a vital role in speaking and writing, when to use and where to use the appropriate word. If you are not an expert at playing with words, don’t worry you are in the right place.

You can build your vocabulary skills by identifying some of the techniques. We come here with the following techniques to assist you in increasing your vocabulary skills.

vocabulary skills

Types of Vocabulary Skills:

Before talking about vocabulary improving skills, you need to know some information about the types of vocabulary skills. It is the skill of expressing oneself effortlessly in more than one way. It is basic knowledge of words and synonyms in plenty. There are four types of vocabulary which are mentioned hereby:

Listening Vocabulary:

Most of us can easily understand several words when listening, which is why it is always easier to listen in the target language than to communicate through it.

vocabulary skills

Reading Vocabulary:

This includes all the words we can understand when reading a book, novel, newspaper etc.

vocabulary skills

Speaking Vocabulary:

Unlike listening & reading vocabulary, we tend to use a fewer number of words when speaking due to the fact that we constantly filter and choose the words that we feel comfortable with.

Writing Vocabulary:

In comparison to the other vocabulary groups, writing vocabulary is rather scarce. This is so because it's difficult for us to accurately spell every word we intend to use in writing.

Basically, you can improve your vocabulary skills by reading the target language, listening to songs, and audio, and watching movies will generate more new vocabulary. You can also randomly search for synonyms of words in google search that you already know of.

How to strengthen your vocabulary:

Building your own vocabulary is one easy way to improve your communication skills as well. Having plenty of vocabulary can help you to choose the right word or phrase needed for the situation, letting you easily convey your ideas, concerns, decisions and more.

Keep on reading the following tips to strengthen your vocabulary skills.

1. Reading:

Reading books is the best way to learn more vocabulary, if you are interested in reading books. While reading, you can find new and different words. It may be difficult to understand. Let’s find the meaning of the word and continue reading. This way you can grasp more vocabulary.

2. Find New Words:

While reading or trying to learn more vocabulary, try to find a new one daily. If you can learn 5 new words daily, you will become a good writer or speaker as soon as possible. Practice it daily, which will help you in many ways. If you are using google to learn the meaning of the word, find out the meaning of the word and keep tracking the same meaning of the words.

For example, if you are finding the meaning of the word “Track” in a google search you can get the result. Then search for “Track other words” in google search, and you will get multiple words. It will be interesting and I can learn many words.

3. Make a Journal:

If you have a reading habit, you will definitely be interested in writing. Write something which happened on your day or what you intend to write. If you choose this way to learn vocabulary, the morning pages method will help you. Morning pages are nothing but writing something in the morning daily because you have a clear mind in the morning. Or else you can choose blog writing. Now you can sign in to writing our own blogs on free platforms like blogger, WordPress etc.

4. Speaking Practice:

Use good vocabulary in your daily conversations. If you are not confident speaking with the person directly, you can speak in front of the mirror first. In some days, you will get the confidence to speak properly due to the daily speaking practice. Gradually, you can attend interviews or seminars or conferences or office meetings confidently to speak fluently and even use good words.

5. Make a Positive Friend who Speaks English:

English is the language we are preferring most or whatever the language it may be. When you are developing yourself in any category, make sure you have more positive people around you and someone who knows about that. When you try to speak with him/ her, they will encourage you and it will be a boost to learn more vocabulary, speaking and writing.

6. Editing:

If you are writing a professional text or email or morning page, edit that which improves clarity, style and tone. While editing, clarify your doubts using the same google search option. You should consider using your expanded vocabulary to replace words you used frequently throughout the document.

7. Bilingual Dictionary:

Though an online dictionary is a great option nowadays due to the influence of the internet. But you can go for the old version also sometimes. If you are interested, buy a Bilingual Dictionary or thesaurus to look up unfamiliar words you come across in your daily life. Keep it handy always.

8. Play Games:

There are a variety of online word games, different kinds of puzzles, and board games available on the internet. Go search for those games and use them, if necessary. You can learn while playing these games.

9. Synonyms & Antonyms:

If you are learning a new word, you should know the opposite meaning of that, it might help you expand your vocabulary. Finding words with similar and opposite meanings can express yourself more.

10. Read & Watch from Different Sources:

Watch English Movies – Read the subtitles of the movies, when you are watching. This makes you read and understand faster and fluently. When you are watching the movie, keep a note to write down the unfamiliar words.

News Reading: Buy Newspapers daily and read them as a habit. It not only promotes you to get world knowledge and also you will be well versed in building your vocabulary gradually. Sources like Financial Times, Economic Times, Business World, etc are available. Choose it as per your preference.

Book to Read: Read the book “Three Thousand Stitches” by Sudha Murthy. In this book, she narrated a collection of small stories that happened in her life. It was an interesting book to read as well as learn. She used casual language to write, and she includes many new words.

The fact that there are so many different ways to increase your vocabulary adds to the fun of doing so. Depending on who you are, each strategy described in this blog will have different benefits and drawbacks, but they are all designed to let you study at your own speed and to strengthen your vocabulary skills.

vocabulary skills

Note: This might be an interesting blog for those who are seeking for information about expanding your vocabulary. Stay tuned in our website to get regular websites.

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