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Top 10 schools in Assam-facilities, classes, location, faculty

Your child's right to an education is unalienable. Additionally, a parent's primary duty is to make sure their children receive the best education possible.

In that sense, the most crucial choice you must make as a parent is selecting a good school. This is so because the school your child attends affects the direction of their future.

Selecting a school that recognizes your child's potential, develops their talents, and empowers them to become change agents is crucial. You must select the best school for your child as a parent, not merely "the nicest school."

Top 10 schools in Assam:

Here, we have provided a list of top 10 schools in Assam. Let’s have a look at it.

1. Miles Bronson Residential School:

This school is located in Guwahati, the hub of North-East India, and was established in loving memory of Dr. Miles Bronson, a brilliant missionary, linguist, and social reformer of the early 19th century.

It is one of the top 10 schools in Assam. It is a community that emphasizes the value of shared ideals and works to foster genuine curiosity and love for learning. By providing real knowledge and appropriate experiences, MBRS seeks to unleash the students' boundless potential and turn them into powerful agents of societal change and advancement.

As a school that is firmly grounded in secular values, MBRS is joyful, energetic, and forward-thinking. Here, academic accomplishment is highly prized, and the pursuit of excellence in other areas is a key component of the educational system.


2. Kaziranga English Academy:

The Kaziranga English Academy is located on the southern outskirts of Guwahati, the entryway to the North-East, nestled in the verdant hills and the comforting lap of the beautiful green countryside.

It is ideally situated away from the bustle of the city, with a wide school site of more than five acres of land and a breathtaking backdrop of misty hills. The Academy was founded on April 2nd, 2003 to give it the ability to meet the standards and demands of contemporary residential education, specifically to adopt the healthier elements of the English Public Schools and to connect that education with the Indian environment.

The school places a high value on strict punctuality, regular attendance, neatness in appearance, general grooming, effort, and dedication to studies. Students currently attend the institution from all of the North Eastern States.

3. Royal Global School:

A peaceful setting where ancient and modern buildings coexist to enhance the spirit of lifelong learning, a location where tranquility takes on new meaning. The school has made a name for itself as one of the best by offering a learning environment where information is abundant and experience is gained slowly but surely.

As a result, when a student says goodbye to the school, he is prepared to step out of the nurturing cocoon and into the spotlight of life, fully equipped and self-assured to face the challenges that lie ahead.

School represents the whole growth of students who have active, creative minds, empathy for others, and the confidence to live out their convictions on a worldwide scale.

Royal Global School

4. Delhi Public School, Digboi:

The DPS Society is a private, non-profit, non-proprietary organization that promotes education. This global network of more than 200 co-ed, English-medium schools offers instruction from Pre-Nursery through Class XII.

The DPS Family, with its transnational identity, is a network of principles, systems, and relationships rather than just a list of organizations, people, or other facts.

The purpose of the school is to help each student reach their full potential and recognize and accomplish their goals in a supportive atmosphere that promotes happy learning and the values of teamwork and "Service Before Self." Their mission is to produce global citizens who are responsible, make a difference, and are proud of their accomplishments and admirable character.

5. Maharishi Vidya Mandir:

A part of the Maharishi Global Education Movement is the Maharishi Vidya Mandir (MVM) School in Guwahati. One of the biggest school systems in India is the Maharishi Vidya Mandir School chain, which has 154 locations throughout 15 states. Up to 100,000 pupils, from kindergarten through the 12th grade, are being taught by about 6500 teaching, administrative, and support professionals.

The school is operated by the society MAHARISHI SHIKSHA SANSTHAN, and its registration is good for 99 years. To reach higher levels of consciousness, all students engage in yogic practices, Maharishi Transcendental Meditation, and advanced techniques. Parents have praised this scientific method for balancing the relationship between the mind, body, and consciousness, and they have seen the significant improvement in their children.

Maharishi Vidya nadir

6. South Point School, Guwahati:

South Point School in Guwahati was founded in 1960 and is a co-educational day and boarding school. The Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, is connected with the school. The institution offers liberal education along contemporary lines with a focus on innovation to meet shifting needs and circumstances.

The primary goal of the school is to instill honesty, cooperation, and discipline among its students. South Point School offers a wide range of facilities in academics, sports, information technology, and the creative and performing arts. Its infrastructure enables excellence in all areas.

Their goal is to make every school day memorable while ensuring that all children achieve success. They do this by inspiring in them the drive to go all the way and put their best effort forward in all they do. With the "Pursuit of Excellence" as their motto, they want to give their students the greatest environment to succeed.

7. St. Xavier's School, Krishnai:

The main objective of Krishnai's St. Xavier's School, which is administered by the Najima Philanthropic Trust, is to meet the educational requirements of Krishnai's youth and those of the nearby rural communities. It is a K–12 co-ed day and boarding school and is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi.

At the senior secondary level, science & commerce stream is offered with all current amenities. Its mission is to blend the healthy aspects of English schools with the contemporary educational marketplace. Building a loving and encouraging community where each child can grow is a priority at SXSK.

The academic program at SXSK provides a solid and comprehensive educational foundation. They support a comprehensive education and the idea of bringing out the best in each person.

In addition to preparing their students for successful tertiary study, their school's comprehensive curriculum and diverse teaching methods also instill in them a passion of learning that will last a lifetime.

8. The Reality Public School, Chandamari:

With the intention of offering a top-notch education to this growing town of Kokrajhar, the Reality Public School was founded and is one of the top 10 schools in Assam. It was established by Mr. S. K. Brahma, who has lately entered this field. In addition to challenging their minds with exceptional instruction, RPS is dedicated to giving its students a serene environment of abundant greenery.

Their students gain an appreciation for their surroundings, their history, and their culture while also learning to embrace technology improvements in need to function in the current world. Their GOAL is to foster independent, lifelong learners who have an awareness of the world and the essential abilities to prepare for the challenges and changes that lie ahead, both locally and worldwide.

"Real Learning for the Real World" served as the school's motto. Therefore, the school's mission is to increase students' knowledge and skills in order to prepare them for the difficult challenges of life's journey ahead.

9. Hemlata Handiqui Memorial Institute, Lichubari:

The students' welfare is a priority for H.H.M.I. It regularly offers a cutting-edge curriculum in a secular setting, empowering students to adjust to the future. The ideal environment for education is provided, helping to create brilliant minds. H.H.M.I. provides pupils with all the support they need to succeed academically.

They are committed to utilizing each child's individual flair and have as their purpose to pursue all-around greatness. They think that giving children a window into the world is just as vital as educating them in science and the humanities.

They continue to invite students from the Northeast and other parts of India who come from various cultural backgrounds to be a part of their community. 10. Army Public School, Dinjan:

Dinjan kids acquire a drive for knowledge in the supportive environment of Army Public School. They boost one's ability to reason logically and with critical thought. They are taught to appreciate the principles of humanity that are essential for peaceful coexistence.

The faculty at the school is a committed group that is knowledgeable about and well-equipped with the most recent pedagogical development technology. In accordance with the most recent Central Board of Secondary Education syllabus, they work to educate young children so that they can achieve the desired learning outcomes.

They foster a stimulating learning environment by offering chances that are left untapped to stimulate, deepen, and broaden learning, hence supporting the development of the students' innate potential. As they grow into respectable Indian citizens, the school encourages discipline in daily life. Always keep in mind how important it is to pick a school that is eager to advance academically and technologically.

A learning environment must constantly expand and integrate development in ways that are unheard-of and prepared for the future if it is to be efficient, pertinent, and meaningful. By providing you a comprehensive guide of top 10 schools in Assam, we hope that you choose the best school for your child.

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