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Top 11 Colleges that provide digital marketing courses in Kolkata

Digital marketing is one of the vast topics of today’s world. It is a network that connects every corner of the world. It came into consideration after the 90s. Today everyone is connected via the digital market directly or indirectly.

Companies combine digital marketing ways in their strategies with traditional ones as well. As it is part of today’s economy and has a great career as well. So, many people do programs related to digital marketing.

Do you need the best digital marketing courses in Kolkata? In that case, you've found the right blog. This is the list of the colleges and institutes that provide digital marketing courses in Kolkata.

1. IIAS FuturED:

IIAS Education Group is one of the settlers in the education sector in India. Established in 1990, they have been erecting successful careers for about three decades now. Preparing professed professionals for the unborn digital frugality and enabling a digitally- smart pool that contributes to national development.

IIAS FuturEd is a career institution that offers innovative courses in rising areas of digital business. In association with leading academic and assiduity bodies as knowledge mates, FuturEd offers unique slice-edge techno-operation programs incorporating rearmost technology with world-class pedagogy and faculty.

digital marketing classes

2. Annamalai University:

By providing a variety of programs under one roof, Annamalai University, a "university" in the genuine sense of the word, has been sustaining a cohesive ecosystem of education. Being a unitary, multi-faculty institution, Annamalai University has evolved as a time-tested system of administration to insure the ceaseless sale of tutoring- literacy, bottomless expansion of exploration and invention, and selfless extension of service to society.

The vacuity of ten different disciplines and 49 departments and of study along with sports kiosks, gyms, libraries, yoga/ contemplation halls, ensures a rich ground and favorable climate for learners to come all rounded and competent individualities rather than bare “programmed specialists” Annamalai University is accredited with ‘A’ Grade by NAAC in 2022.

Digital marketing classes
Annamalai University

3. Globsyn Business School:

Online With 20 times heritage of non-stop invention in operation education, Globsyn Business School (GBS), is giving its youthful directors privileged access to GBS Online – an asynchronous platform of digital literacy offering largely engaging content on Management, Vocational, and Foreign Language courses, which the scholars can mileage beyond their operation class.

Uniquely designed by GBS faculty and esteemed Subject Matter Experts, GBS Online courses will help scholars to produce a suchlike- inclined community of learners who are suitable to gain access to online literacy coffers, committed to incubating their education & careers, and complete coursework at their own time while completing assignments of transnational norms.

These largely dynamic and material courses will also enhance the scholars’ knowledge bank, and boost their employability

4. Karmic Institute:

The information technology revolution has happened in a global paradigm. This has redounded a rising demand for IT professionals who can work in different disciplines. Karmic Institute is one of the leading IT training providers in eastern India. It imparts a comprehensive range of training results to individuals who want to exceed the competitive information technology request.

The concoction of this institute is Karmic results Private Limited, one of the colonist coastal software development enterprises with a global clientele. The colorful courses which Karmic Institute offers to scholars have been planned as per assiduity-specific conditions. Well delved and quality course training modules have been designed by IT assiduity experts who retain time of experience in this field.

All the courses are amended with a high-end class and they're communicated to the scholars by an educated group of professionals. The courses offer complete value in every way as they've been planned as per the changing inventions in IT assistance.

5. TimesPro:

It is the award-winning EdTech action of The Times Group and was established in 2013 to feed the literacy requirements of Indians with the burden of career growth. They offer a variety of created and curated literacy programs across a range of orders, diligence, and age groups.

They include employment-acquainted early career programs across BFSI, e-Commerce, and technology sectors; administrative education for working professionals in collaboration with premier public and global educational institutions; and organizational literacy and development interventions at the commercial position.

6. National Institute of Fashion Technology:

Founded in 1995, the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Kolkata is a leader in the Eastern Part of India for furnishing education in the field of Design, Technology, and Management. It is one of the five oldest Centres among the NIFT with a symbiotic balance between the state government and the garment industriousness, NIFT Kolkata stands as a settler of fashion training and disquisition.

National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kolkata was firstly housed at Manjusha Bhavan, ICMARD Building, and subsequently moved to the demesne of College of Leather Technology on a temporary base.

With a strong team empowering the Centre, two Courses, a videlicet Three Year Under Graduate Diploma Programme in Fashion Design and Two Times Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Garment Manufacturing Technology were started at the time of inception. Subsequently, another Two Times Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Leather Apparel Design & Technology (LADT) commenced.

7. Annex College Centre for Technical & Management Studies:

Annex College is a premier educational institute in Kolkata, conducting courses in trades, Science, Management, and IT. It has over 10,000 alumni enwrapping decision-making positions in leading diligence an-India and also abroad.

The CII, ICC, PRSI, ASSOCHAM, BRICS, and other organizations are also affiliated with Annex College. Established in 1990, the institute is an undertaking of the Annex Convent College that has the vision to acquire the status of a world-class center in furnishing encyclopedias for all applicable operations and IT Education.

Annex College has also been awarded the 2nd Services Excellence Award in promoting excellent professional education by ASSOCHAM and has also entered the Stylish operation College award by Brands Academy and was placed among the Top 25 B- seminaries by Advanced Education Digest.

8. NIHT:

The NIHT encyclopedic ally recognized Digital Marketers. With NIHT you get to be a part of new age literacy where you can develop your own website and other Digital marketing tools with the help of educated mentors.

This program is ideal for anyone who wants to make a career in planning, perpetration, or dimension of digital strategies and also for those who are formerly in the overall marketing sphere in a company. You also get Global instruments from Semrush, Google Advertisements, Hubspot, Twitter, Google Analytics, and Facebook analytics.

9. Kolkata Digital Marketing:

Learn Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata designed by assiduity leaders with complete planning that makes the way easier for learners. It's one of the leading and most innovative IT training seminaries in India, positioned in the megacity of Kolkata – ‘the megacity of joy’.

They give end- to- end Digital Marketing courses, Web Design Courses, Web Development, PHP/ MySQL courses, SEO, Social Media, PPC (Search Engine Marketing), Reply JS, Full mound Web Development, Laravel Framework, CMS Training (WordPress). The institute is managed by Mr. Sahil and his Team and other largely trained and professional faculties in Kolkata.

10. Srihari Global IISD Foundation:

The institute was innovated in August 2005, Institute for Inspiration & Self Development, started its trip with many youthful minds, who believed in the conviction of the Srihari Global IISD Foundation.

Conceptualized with the social charge to develop chops in individualities, make their future and generally enhance the quality of their lives, with the steady support of structure and knowledge, Srihari Global IISD Foundation imparts an assiduity acquainted education which makes the scholars ready for the professional world and helps them getting equal occasion.

11. Birla Institute of Liberal Trade and Management:

Established in Kolkata in 1987, Birla Institute of Liberal Trade and Management lores is an independent non-profit education society with a strong commitment to the growth and development of liberal education. The institute provides stylish literacy installations including an excellent ultramodern Library, Computer Laboratory, and advanced Audio-Visual accouterments.

With the appropriate direction and some encouragement, anyone can learn about digital marketing easily and make fun of it. Online classes or resources are a great option if you want to master digital marketing.

Digital marketing learning colleges
Birla Institute of Liberal Trade and Management

For more such lists of schools, colleges, and coaching centers all over India and also within your locality search out EDUCATIONARY today.

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