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Top 13 B.Com. colleges one can get into in 2022

It's time to enter the competitive world once students have passed their class 12th exams. Everyone wants to choose a professional path that will provide them with exciting work prospects in the race to be number one.

Keeping this in mind, a lot of students today choose commerce as a career. People must, however, be fully aware of the advantages of the program before enrolling in it.

7 things you need to know about B.Com and its approaches

B.Com Hons degree is designed to give students managerial abilities in fields of study connected to the business. Additionally, by the time they complete the program, students have an in-depth understanding of fundamental topics like accounting, law, statistics, finance, and marketing, to mention a few.

The student is able to concentrate on a global scale, has a complete understanding of the aspects of the business world that are significant to the markets, and has the necessary knowledge to adapt to changes in the flexible business world. The student can operate their own business successfully and competently with knowledge such as specialized accountants or market advisors.

Here are the top 13 B.Com colleges in India you can choose if your search history flashes with ‘best colleges in India’.

1. Shri Ram College of Commerce

The B.Com. (Hons.) curriculum provided by Shri Ram College of Commerce, a constituent college of the University of Delhi, is created to empower students to get the knowledge, skills, and capacities required to analyze and synthesize the modern realities of the business world. The total fee required is Rs. 86,529 for the duration of three years to complete the graduation. This curriculum seeks to give students the conceptual and practical knowledge they need to run enterprises and organizations, as well as to get them ready to drive and take on tomorrow's challenges. Within the parameters of the B.Com.(Hons.) syllabus, the college gives its students the option to choose from a variety of topic alternatives under the CBCS.

2. Lady Shri Ram College

Lady Shri Ram College for Women is a constituent women's college, affiliated with the University of Delhi, and has a legacy in women's education. The institute is situated in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. The Commerce Department fosters an environment that is conducive to students' academic development and gives them a complete understanding of a variety of topics, including corporate law, financial accounting, business communication, and company organization. The Department's professors provide practical knowledge of the field in auditing, business law, and income tax. They are recognized for their competence in finance and organizational behavior. The total fee is Rs. 61,110 for a duration of three years. After graduation, many students have landed jobs with illustrious corporations including American Express, Deloitte, KPMG, NODWIN, and Deloitte, etc.

3. Loyola College, Chennai

At Loyola College, the B.Com. The honours department began in 2018. This undergraduate degree is a three-year degree course and teaches students about business aptitude. It offers a setting where students can grow into responsible adults who can make significant contributions to society with commitment, integrity, a high degree of knowledge, and competence. The application is created in a way that satisfies the demands of the accounting and finance industries. The department offers expertise in the fields of marketing, law, management, finance, and accounting. At Loyola College, the cost of a three-year B.Com (Hons) program is INR 4.56 lakh.

4. Global Centre for Entrepreneurship and Commerce, Jaipur

Being the pink city of the country, Jaipur is a hub of fine arts and business. It attracts plenty of students from India and foreign countries. GCEC is the first college in India specifically designed for studying entrepreneurship and commerce, integrating a three-year practicum program with an open-book curriculum based on global study patterns. The fee for the first year is Rs. 1,08,500 for the graduate degree.

5. Hindu College, New Delhi

Over the years, the department's highly qualified faculty has ensured a seamless and engaging teaching-learning experience. One of the busiest departments in the college, it has a computer lab maintained by the department and air-conditioned, IT-equipped classrooms with audio systems. In addition, students have access to a central computer facility, a college library, and other cutting-edge infrastructure resources at the campus. The library offers a sizable collection of books and magazines, both online and offline, covering several areas of business and commerce expertise. Total fee for three years is Rs. 54,780. The department also considers the students' mental health and ensures that everyone has a positive learning experience.

6. Parul University, Vadodara

The breadth of the business world is shaped by the financial institutions and economic market, which are constantly changing, and studying commerce gives students the necessary skill sets to manage and negotiate these changes. Total fee is Rs 1.59 lakh. The three-year bachelor's degree program in commerce is designed to give students the necessary career competencies and skills to actively contribute to the expansion of the commercial sector. The curriculum is purposefully created to introduce pupils to current trends in international economic systems. The faculty is staffed with knowledgeable instructors from prominent IITs and IIMs, as well as knowledgeable industry resource people who give the students the most thorough educational experience possible.

7. Hansraj College, New Delhi

The highly sought-after B.Com (Hons.) Course seeks to give students a thorough understanding of the financial, legal, accounting, tax, and management aspects of today's dynamic business environment. This is the best place to start if you want to enroll in professional programs like C.A., I.C.W.A./A.C.C.A., and C.S. Total fee for three-year course is Rs. 62,835. Those looking to start their own business will also find a community of reputable authors and committed, knowledgeable lecturers.

8. Christ University, Bangalore

In June 2010, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) added the BCom (Honors) program to its selection of modern and forward-thinking courses. This program is designed for those interested in business and commerce who want to advance their professional competence by gaining specific knowledge in those fields. The curriculum is properly prepared with the appropriate amount of exposure to information in the context of the constantly changing global business world. Total fee for three-year course is Rs. 3.41 lakh. Six semesters make up the three-year BCom (Hons) degree program, which is structured in accordance with the UGC-mandated Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) model curriculum.

9. Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai

The three-year BCom (Hon.) curriculum combines topics with a focus on accounting, finance, and taxation, preparing students to pursue master's programs in accounts and finance or other higher-level accounting and finance programs. First year fee is Rs. 8000. A BCom (Hons) graduate will surely be transformed into an individual who has acquired not only theoretical and conceptual knowledge but also the capacity to apply them utilizing problem-solving and quantitative procedures with the help of all the resources N.M. provides as a learner.

10. Stella Maris College, Chennai

The programme has been created to provide expertise in a variety of managerial abilities to qualified applicants while also developing competency in a specific field of business. Total fee for the program is Rs. 2,52,000. Through in-depth study of general topics like organizational behavior and cost accounting, the curriculum aims to develop in students a competent business acumen that will subsequently allow them to specialize in a particular field. In-depth study is required for the curriculum, and it concludes with the completion of a research-based dissertation.

11. Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai

The curriculum has been created to give qualified applicants a chance to specialize in a variety of abilities needed in the finance and counting industry, all while developing their competence in a specific field of business and commerce. Total fee for the program is Rs. 2.28 lakh. Through in-depth study of general topics like organizational behavior and cost accounting, the curriculum aims to develop in students a competent business acumen that will subsequently allow them to specialize in a particular field. The programme requires extensive study, and it concludes with the writing of a dissertation that is based on research.

12. Gargi College, New Delhi

The Department of Commerce at this college was established in 1973. Having expert knowledge is necessary to manage the volume and complexity of commercial and financial flows, which have multiplied. Total fee for the program is Rs. 24,165. The education in commerce gives students the abilities they need to effectively comprehend and handle these difficulties. Thus, the value of a commerce education is recognized in the current environment.

13. Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore

The B.Com. Honors program is for four years and total fees is Rs. 1,65,000. Any developing economy is supported by commerce and industry. The goal of this course is to familiarize the student with the many perspectives on accounting, finance, banking, organizational behavior, and economics. Through this degree, a student develops strong communication skills while also gaining a full understanding of how a company operates.

Graduating with a degree in commerce not only opens up a fundamental understanding of the business world but also warrants shining on different money and resource sectors in the world. Bookmark the same if you want to get into any one of them and for other information, Educationary is happy to help with any kind of educational and career-related information.

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