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Top 4 apps for students that helps one to be productive in 2022.

It's not simple to navigate the internet academic environment. What chance do we have when the brightest minds of our time are passionately focused on making every distraction easily accessible with a click?

These distractions can be all the more alluring when there are a ton of tasks to finish, deadlines to meet, and an enormous amount of curriculum to study.

There are unquestionably more distractions available to kids now than ever before. Given how simple it is to access distractions like social media, Netflix, and games, it is obvious that it can be difficult to focus. And it comes as no surprise that a lot of students find it difficult to prioritize their education and manage their time.

But there's also the fact that technology is quickly taking over a student's life and that some apps are some of the most incredible tools the human race has ever had.

Numerous indispensable apps exist for students that not only enable them to study more efficiently and productively but also maintain track of their everyday activities. You name it, there is an app for it: taking notes, accessing information, creating calendars, managing funds, and maintaining physical and mental fitness.

We have compiled a list of the top 4 apps that every student needs out of the innumerable productivity apps available.

1. EverNote:

With so many functions, EverNote is one of the best productivity apps for students, with the Notebook feature unquestionably being the most crucial. As many notebooks as necessary can be created. It is possible to add text notes, audio snippets, photos, PDF files, scanned handwritten pages, Slack talks, emails, web pages, and anything else that comes to mind.

Evernote is every student's best friend because it enables you to collect all the information and organize it in a single, secure spot. Additionally, the free edition still has access to all of these features!

2. Todoist:

Todoist is a time management tool for those who value organization and setting timetables. It is one of the efficient productivity apps for students. This app flawlessly integrates simplicity and effectiveness with its many task-keeping features.

The program assists you with a number of tasks, like setting numerous priorities for your work and creating distinct to-do lists under different projects.

Many students find it difficult to keep track of their schedule, especially when there are numerous subjects to learn and other tasks to accomplish. However, with Todoist, you will have your own personal reminder system keeping track and reminding you each time!


3. Grammarly

Every writer aspires to improve. And why do we desire to employ the best grammar simply in writing or even in communication? One may create their best work much more easily by using a writing tool like Grammarly.

It includes a wide range of features that allow for learning while writing. It first proofreads the original text for errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling, elegantly highlighting them with various colored lines.

In contrast to more traditional editing tools like the one supplied with Microsoft Word, it then offers AI-assisted solutions that are more immediate and pertinent. Students can use Grammarly to proofread their essays and other work while they are on the go.

It also features a fantastic method for evaluating writing and assigning scores based on a variety of factors, including the tone of the writing, which changes as you alter it. It is a tool that every student needs, thanks to all these characteristics.


4. Forest:

Let's look at an app that improves your concentration while also being kind to the environment. This software has a novel technique to help you stay focused. To start a study session, you plant a tree in your virtual "forest" every time.

If you take up your phone and close the app, the tree will die even though it is growing while you work. Your study plan will take a goal-based approach as you add more study hours to your forest. And how does this help you protect the environment?

The Forest App team collaborates with the organization that promotes tree planting, Trees for the Future. You may earn "coins" by expanding your "forest," and when you contribute them, the affiliated organization will plant a tree in your honor anywhere in the world!


Technology, as we stated at the outset, can be both a curse and a blessing. These 4 important productivity apps for students will undoubtedly help them maximize technology at this crucial time.

After all, who would be more helpful in reminding you to return to your books and turn off OTT your mother or your phone? It's up to you to decide!

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