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Top 5 career options after bachelor with a major in political science

You must be wondering about your career options with a political science degree.

Don’t worry! You’re not alone in this.

Prospective political science students wonder the same thing. Although political science is a well-liked major at many schools and universities around the nation, graduates' job choices aren't always obvious.

By providing a variety of fresh chances, political science is supporting students in achieving new heights professionally. Political science is the greatest option for people who want to learn about and analyze how politics, the government, and society operate. But that's not all; learning about the topic can also sharpen your analytical and critical-thinking skills, providing you with a variety of new chances.

bachelors in political science

What is political science?

Let's begin with a straightforward explanation. By definition, political science is a social science that studies political ideas, actions, political behavior analysis, and governmental structures.

This social science examines how laws are produced, how governments operate, and how their policies impact the locality, society, and economy. It's a huge field that focuses on reshaping society through political decisions and reforms.

A political science degree is a wonderful choice if you are someone who is interested by current events, wants to change the world and influence public policies, and has a strong desire to serve the public.

The best thing about it is that you may look into many other occupations with a political science degree even if you don't want to get engaged in politics. This field includes a number of subfields, including as law, public administration, and international relations.

However, if you do decide to get engaged in politics, you'll have the chance to develop your research and writing abilities, discover how various governmental systems are constructed globally, how campaigns are run, how to sway public opinion, and many other useful and fascinating things.

political science major

If you're thinking about majoring in political science, there are many different job options available. There are several employment alternatives accessible, depending on your preferences, qualities, and major of study. Let's look at some of them:

1. Civil Services:

A position in the civil services, particularly the IFS and IAS (Indian Administrative Service), is one of the most typical career options with a political science degree (Indian Foreign Services).

In essence, the position entails influencing legislative decision-making, promoting India on a worldwide stage, and supporting numerous administrative projects.

However, the UPSC and other government competitive tests are used to fill these positions. One must review the curriculum and prepare specifically for them in order to be hired. Due to the fact that a large portion of the study content will have already been covered in your bachelor's, studying political science at the undergraduate level will provide students an advantage in the tests.

2. Political scientist:

A political scientist's work involves researching various parts of governmental systems, how cities and nations operate and interact, and the results of governmental activities. They also offer their expert opinion to government agencies and other major organizations. However, those in these and comparable positions are highly qualified, frequently earning an MA or even a Ph.D. in the field. In order to become a political scientist, you could choose to add further advanced degrees to your undergraduate degree if you have a strong academic background.

political scientist

3. Legislative Assistant:

Many individuals are unaware that elected officials, including members of parliament, routinely use assistants to help them fulfill their legislative duties.

This recent personnel, sometimes known as legislative assistants, collaborate closely with MPs. Coordinate with other government representatives, exchange information, and do research on proposed laws and policy changes. They also consider the issues affecting residents who live under the jurisdiction of their employers. Additionally, legislative assistants keep records and provide MPs with updates on current events, policy formulation, and implementation.

4. Journalist:

Politics dominates media coverage, both print and digital, as anyone can tell you, and as public awareness of politics grows, more and more people turn to the news for in-depth analysis of political topics. With their in-depth knowledge of politics and the political environment, political science graduates are in a great position to analyze, critique, and write about important political topics.

This makes a career as a political journalist, writer, editor, or reporter an excellent choice for them. A degree or certification in journalism or mass communication could be an additional specialization that could further boost their chances. It's not required, though, and students may choose to enter the field as soon as they graduate.


5. Political Analyst:

It is the job of a policy analyst to evaluate the impact of enacting a policy and use the findings of the study to support or refute that policy's implementation.

They conduct a thorough examination of the situation as it stands, identifies the problems, and create remedies. A policy analyst needs to be able to conduct in-depth research, communicate eloquently, and analyze critically. Due to the fact that critical thinking, analysis, and reporting skills, as well as a thorough understanding of public policy, are taught as part of the political science curriculum, students have an advantage in this situation.

political analyst

Graduates of political science programs should think about this career option because they have the requisite understanding of the country's political and legislative systems as well as relevant abilities.

Knowing the excellent career options with a political science degree that await you after studying it will surely make your decision to pursue the subject simpler. The political science careers described above are only a few of the intriguing options available to people. One might choose a path for oneself based on their area of interest.

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