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Top Colleges in India for Photography- you must take note of these.

Photography is a form of art that heavily relies on self-expression and creativity. It is extremely representative of what has influenced the photographer and has many layers of meaning to a two dimensional piece of work.

The interest in photography among a sizable population of young people has grown dramatically in recent years. Many different sectors, including filmmaking, newspaper, book, and directory publishing, radio and television broadcasting, etc., demand photography talents.

As a result, work options for photographers significantly grow. Numerous universities now provide degree and diploma programs in photography and associated fields. The information in this post is for you if you are eager to pursue a profession in photography.

A Photography course may seem unattractive to some people due to lack of knowledge on what it teaches, but the degree is very worth it in terms of what one learns. In short, a candidate for a degree in Photography learns the following-

  • Different lighting styles and what differences they make in different situations

  • Different shooting styles

  • Regularly learning new forms of photography from industry experts

  • Cultural and historical backgrounds of photojournalism

  • How to develop photo essays

  • Digital Imagery

  • Photoshop

  • Photo tools


While it can be scary to dive into a field of study which is not as well known or received as the conventional options, the numbers associated with job increases and demand for photography courses speak for themselves.

It is expected to grow an amazing 17% from 2020 to 2023, and about 12,000 openings for photographers are projected. With the massive growth in absorption of information in the internet, the visual arts undeniably hold higher demand.

With multiple fields like fashion, sports, wildlife, wedding, tourism, food, art, etc., there is always something new unravelling in the world of photography!

To pursue a formal education in photography, you will either get a Bachelor of Arts (BA), or a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree(BFA).The Bachelor of Arts degree is usually considered more flexible than the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Here are a few types of photography styles to further pursue your interests-

1. Architectural Photography -

Working with diverse architectural locations like barns, monuments, houses, bridges, and more. This has a great deal of emphasis on proper lighting as it can differ from the inside and outside of the location.


2. Still Life Photography -

Being a more common form of photography, this style has a major demand in areas like stock photos, promotions, product advertising and more.

still life photography

3. Sports Photography -

This style of photography captures the essence of a game or event at its truest, delivering emotions from the live scene to the viewer. This has a lot to do with the right timing, as even a millisecond can make a big difference!

sports photography

4. Editorial Photography -

Editorial photography is the art of adding nuance or more visuals to a piece of work like a magazine. This helps illustrate the core of the piece, and encompasses the overall feeling generated.

editorial photography

5. Photojournalism -

This area of photography course focuses on telling a story through the photo, and using the visuals of the scene captured to deliver an impact.

6. Fashion Photography -

This type of photography course captures the most elegant and iconic looks for the public to talk about, be it on the runways or casual street fashion.

Fashion Photography

7. Portrait Photography -

Arguably the most popular stream of photography, this style tries to represent the emotion and feeling behind the person/people being captured on film.

Portrait Photography

8. Scientific Photography -

This captures the efforts and experimental setups going into the work done by a scientist or group of scientists, which makes it really important from a historical viewpoint.

scientific photography

9. Freelance Photography -

Freelance photographers work on projects that they choose for themselves, rather than a restricted style. They pick their own areas of interest, and rely on themselves to find projects that they can spearhead.


And now without further ado, here are the top colleges in India for Photography!

1. Symbiosis School of Photography, Pune:

Symbiosis University is very well known as a pioneer of arts in India. They offer a three year course (BA) in Visual Arts and Photography

Top colleges of photography

2. Bharatiya Vidyapeeth’s School of Photography, Pune:

Bharatiya Vidyapeeth’s School of Photography Pune is an excellent institution with an amazing set of facilities for budding photographers. They offer a 3 year Bachelor of Arts course in Commercial Photography.

top colleges of photography

3. Christ University, Bangalore:

Christ University Bangalore is a well established institution in the city of Bangalore, and has a wonderful faculty and opportunities. They offer a course in Basic Photography as a part of their Media Studies program.

4. CMR University Bangalore:

CMR University Bangalore offers a BSc degree in Photography, making it one of a kind CMR places an emphasis on holistic growth as it has a core syllabus required to be completed by all enrolled students!

top colleges of photography

5. Osmania University, Hyderabad:

Osmania University Hyderabad is a wonderful institution, and considered one of the oldest in India. It offers a 3 year Bachelor of Fine Arts Course.

6. Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad:

JNAFAU Hyderabad is a well reputed Government college that offers a rigorous 4 year BFA course in Photography and Visual Communication.

7. AAFT, Noida:

Considered one of the best colleges for still life photography in India, AAFT offers a 3 year Bachelor of Arts course in Still Life Photography.

Top colleges of photography

To be a professional, one must constantly hone and develop their current skills. Today's youth age has many amazing opportunities in photography, both professionally and intellectually. The need for qualified photographers is increasing daily.

All the best for your career, make sure it’s picture perfect!

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